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Hello Peaches! My name is Habiba but you can call me Byba. I just turned 25! My birthday was on 17th October -last Tuesday – and it turned out Fabulous! 25 is sort of a huge deal to me so I decided to go ham on it. I normally don’t throw parties nor dinners for any of my birthdays because I wait to be surprised or just end up doing something random like go out with my friends. Needless to say, I can be frugal and a little passive aggressive so I normally don’t bother much. But for once in my life, I decided to do something memorable for my 25th birthday; Hashtag Treat yourself! I randomly chose Dusitd2 Nairobi Soko restaurant as the venue for my birthday dinner and made a list of a few close friends in Nairobi to celebrate with. A handful didn’t turn up but the special ones who did made it A1! ♥️


I had my red bandage dress ready and black stilettos. Hanako did my make up of which I totally loved the simple look.


You guys should see the look on my friends’ face when they saw the dinner table all decorated with confetti filled balloons, Gold helium filled letter balloons and crowns on the table. The set up was absolutely beautiful. I’m glad I came across DopePartyke on Instagram for my birthday decor.

‘There’s a photographer too? Habiba what’s going on?’ One of my friends asked. I could see all of them filled with curiosity. Plot twist! I ended up surprising them instead! Yes, I was a little extra inviting Tintseh the photographer and he did not disappoint! My pics came out amazing and flawless!


The food was exquisite, however, a little too gourmet for ‘some of us’ who are not that adventurous. It was a great idea to pre-order a starters meal for everyone because the food takes forever to be served. On the starters menu though, I liked the humus and ceaser salad. To be honest, I did not enjoy the squid of which was a lot mhhhh. On the main meal menu, I ordered seafood fettuccine which tasted okay then. I was overwhelmed I guess but I took it as take out and had it for lunch at work the following day and it was Oh so damn good!

The dessert was my birthday cake of course!  By the way, you get charged Kshs. 1,500 for exclusive birthday cakes at Dusitd2 Nairobi Soko restaurant. My birthday chocolate cake was so pretty and it matched the taste and the lips n crown toppings from DopePartyKe fit so perfectly! Thankfully, Shazila did a spectacular job. Just how I wanted it to be (Like it was on Pinterest, lol). I’ll drop her contacts if anyone is interested.


Guess what l wished for?
So I’m that legit social butterfly who does not have one particular squad but different friends with totally different personalities. It was also a good thing to see them mingle. I was a little sceptical on how awkward it would be but to my surprise, everyone got along pretty well in that short amount of time we spent together as it was filled with so much fun, joy and laughter!

Oh and selfies! Lots and lots of selfies!

I was all sorts of happy. It was LEGENDARY! Thanks to everyone who made it amazing! I love you all. ♥️


Mantra: Live… Love.. laugh! To 25!🎉



  1. This is a great party! The conglomeration of beauty and greatness. happy birthday. Wishing you many happy returns. Long life and prosperity. Do keep on blogging and succeeding. Best regards and wishes from Peter

  2. Hi, happy belated birthday! Could you please share Shazila’s details? Thank you so much!

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