Fun Things To Do In Lamu

Lamu island is for a fact an extremely beautiful tropical island; Situated in Kenya’s Northern coast line. Lamu Old Town is entitled as a UNESCO world heritage site and listed in the World Heritage List as the oldest & best-preserved Swahili settlement in East Africa. Not only is the island alluring but also lively and full of activities that will leave you revitalized. My stay in Lamu was amazing; I was ineffably fascinated by the beauty and zest that the island possesses. Let me play tour guide a little with a few tips of fun things to do in Lamu according to my experience if you ever decide to visit during your December holiday or any other vacation.

  1. Tour around: Lamu has these narrow streets which make you feel like you’re a part of the island. Also, the island is an artists enclave filled with handmade artistic pieces (which you could buy as souvenirs), antique furniture and ornate doors that showcase its distinctive traditional Swahili architecture and art. To me, it was soul food to my eyes..
  2. Water sports – rent a speed boat for water sports activities. Donut ride, wakeboard, tubing, water skiing, surf boarding, snorkeling, you name it. Waterskiing was hard but I managed to at least stand after so many failed attempts. Nonetheless, learning is so much fun.
  3. Snacking – you cannot go to Lamu and not have a taste of the yummy Swahili delicacies made by the locals sold on the Lamu streets. My favorite was the delicious fried potatoes (ziazi) which us Costerians like a lot & makopa(labania). These are the real deal!
  4. Bonfire with friends: I took the right decision to sacrifice my night’s sleep for a lit bonfire night at the Diamond beach with friends. Enjoyed it with BBQ seafood of course and good music. Carry your swim suits for a night swim at the calm beach waters. Also, don’t forget your portable speakers and marshmallows to spice it up. Trust me, you don’t want to miss out on experiencing the exotic Lamu at night.
  5. Saildhow Adventure. Take a whole day voyage through the island and enjoy the view of the Lamu archipelago and stunning beach resorts vastly, as the lateen sail dhows ply the waters. Most importantly, you get to devour BBQ seafood at the boat and swim whenever you feel like it. Trust me, it’s a worthwhile adventure.I’d advice you to get a waterproof camera for some nice underwater shots with the beautiful fish swimming in and out of coral reefs.
  6. Take a walk at the beach. Enjoy a stroll at the beach – especially in Shela – for some beach therapy, all the way to the Lamu fort which is on the sea front of Shela so you won’t miss it. However, ensure that you have with you your sunglasses, hats and beach sandals in that beaming sun. Sunscreen though, is the most essential of all; Keep your skin hydrated and protected from the UV rays of the sun. Do not damage your skin at the expense of enjoyment – yep! Lesson learnt the hard way.
  7. Sunrise & sunset watching. It is so relaxing and rejuvenating to watch the sun rise early in the morning and the sunset in the evening. The day in lamu starts really early though, so if you’re up for it then by 6:00 a.m. you should be at the beach. Conversely, the sun sets around 6:00 pm so make sure you don’t miss it. Best believe, the best sunset view is from the Majlis resort.
  8. Ride a donkey: Lamu island is a donkey sanctuary as there are no motorized vehicles so they use Donkeys as a dominant means of transport. Try being adventurous by riding a donkey. You know what they say, “if you go to Rome do what the Romans do.” Although I have to break it down to you that the donkeys are a pain in the wrong places and extremely uncomfortable. I don’t know how they do it on the daily because it wasn’t the best of rides that’s for sure. However, do it.
  9. Lunch at Diamond Beach hotel. What better way to eat than by the beach; Lunching with a view. The red snapper and potato wedges meal I had was yummilicious. The food is delicious and it will leave you sleepy with that lovely breeze from the sea. There’s something about the breeze in Lamu that just gets you feeling as though the sea wants to lull you; Relaxation to the max.
  10. Dinner at Peponi Hotel – I loved the romantic ambience that the hotel radiates with beautiful lanterns, erotic lights and exquisite food that will leave you filled to the brim. I had the Thai fish curry and it was orgasmic. Thank me later!Peponi restaurant during the day
  11. Chill at the Majlis Resort. The majlis resort is one of the most beautiful luxurious hotels in the island complemented with tall coconut trees. If you haven’t already, I’d advice you to visit while in Lamu, even if it’s to just have a scoop of ice cream or a bottle of ice cold water. You’ll get the best views of the sunset from there too.
  12. A boat ride to Kipungani beach. The beach is an enchanting paradise with a sense of serenity. The brilliant sand is clean with crystal clear sea water that has absolutely not a single heap of sea weed washed to the shore, just sparkly gold sand. It is decorated by the eden-green palm trees that are lined in serried rows bowing down to the majestic sea complementing the beach. You can imagine how greatly I enjoyed swimming in aquamarine waters.
  13. Take bomb pics (metaphorically, just incase you quote me). Make sure you take some bomb shots pairing it with a bomb outfit in the streets, beaches, basically anywhere in the island is suitable for a good picture. Trust me, you don’t even have to try too hard to get a Perfect shot in Lamu. If anything, your pictures will leave you mind blown by the natural filter that comes with the flawless island.

That’s all Peaches.

Enjoy the exotic experience in Lamu; hashtag Lamu tamu (Sweet Lamu).LIVE| LOVE| LAUGH

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