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Nestled in the forest and existing with wildlife, Watamu Treehouse in Watamu island has undoubtedly been one of my favorite places to visit in our beautiful Kenyan Coast. Just the perfect place to unwind, heal and connect with nature, away from toxins, junks and the hustle & bustle frenzy of the overcrowded city. Absolutely therapeutic! Perfect for beach bums, yogis, single traveling men & women, and romantic couples. Basically, anyone who loves nature, adventure, and a quiet peaceful environment.

How I found this heaven on earth, only God knows. Watamu Treehouse, like its name suggests, is built high in the trees decorated with natural wood, and a myriad of glass art. A hidden gem in Watamu surrounded by mangroves in the Mida Creek located on the Marine Park in Watamu on Turtle Bay road.

Watamu Treehouse Accommodation is quite  affordable. However, rooms are priced differently whereby the higher level rooms are more expensive ranging from Kshs. 13,500 – 28,500 as compared to the lower level rooms ranging from Kshs. 9,500 – 23,500.

My amazing short stay at Watamu Treehouse was  soul-satiating. I was so mesmerized and captured by the beauty and artistic architecture of the strategically built Tree house. So beautiful and unique. My eyes sparkled in amusement seeing the vertically erected snow-white tree house as the cab driver slowly drove closer to the entrance. Upon arrival, I was welcomed by an angelic face wearing a white shirt with a pink striped kikoi print on its finely folded arm and navy blue  trouser uniform. He introduced himself as Chipira, as he carried my hand luggage and lead me to the guest round table for a cold smoothie. Prior to the round table, is a stunning swimming pool on your left and right ahead, are stunning stained glass mosaic windows that stretch all the way up to the roof. Chipira then ushered me to my room; Moon & Stars.


Watamu Treehouse has two towers: North Tower and South Tower joined by a mosaic bridge each sharing a stunning pool. There’s a guest book that guests get the opportunity to share their experience with colorful bolt pens and cute boards for their updated activity schedules that you can’t miss. A fully equipped office and kitchen with friendly staff that successfully runs the place.

Sleek wood curvature flirtatiously shapes the staircases. The staircases, snow-white walls and caramel cemented floors are engraved with glass art that has so much fun colors and varieties of shapes; triangles, squares, circles, crescent moon, stars, leaves, flowers and aquamarine creatures that charmingly pops the place. The blend of natural wood cladding, glass and metal art creates an appealing exterior facade. Adding into the art work is a naturally built cobweb. I think you really need to be here to really understand the level of amusement I am in. Because I feel that there are no words that can give justice to this heaven on earth. If at all, infinity. Almost like I’m in a fairy tale.



Everything about this eco-friendly place is so natural from healthy nutritious meals and smoothies to their hand made thyme shower products.

The Food

Since Watamu Treehouse practice health and wellness, they serve nutritious meals mostly vegetarian and vegan meals including amazing coconut meals and scrumptious desserts.


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My favorite is pumpkin soup that goes so well with their pumpkin seeds and brown rice with spiced sautéed broccoli. Breakfast coconut pancake topped with honey and banana is also my favorite. As for drinks, they offer detox teas, coconut juice, and their famous smoothies. For some of the main meals like beetroot burgers, they are very much an acquired taste.

I enjoyed eating in their quirky dining tables and later relaxing in cushioned launches with a novel; serene!

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The Rooms

Once you cross over the mosaic North Tower bridge, are three stunning rooms: Baobab, Honeymoon and the highest of all being Star Bed.

Baobab is small and cute facing a baobab tree with a stunning view of Watamu’s gorgeous sunset.


Star Bed has a beautiful horizontal sea view and a refreshing open shower that has a direct sunrise view. Thanks to Paul Krystal, I had the luxury of staying in Moon & Stars and Star Bed.



Visit [Watamu Treehouse Instagram Page or Watamu Treehouse website to view all the room pictures and bookings]

The bathrooms are squeaky clean like every corner of Watamu Treehouse with either aesthetically pleasing mirrors or an open view of the outside with a natural breeze. Their natural handmade bath products are refreshing including natural thyme hand made body wash, hand wash, shampoo and conditioner. I would chill all day long in my kikoy bathrobe as it is so comfy you’d want to stay in them all day.



And an open hot shower with a sea view! It can’t get better than this! [View from Aqua Room]

I had the luxury of watching the sun rise every morning and sun sets every evening so effortlessly at Watamu Treehouse. Gentle beach waves, sea eagles, birds, and frog croaks were my morning alarm sounds. Moreover, the sun enhances Treehouse’s art with a stunning natural effect giving you a glimpse of heaven. What are filters? I mean.. look.at.that!

I could live here forever.😍 Wouldn’t you?


Later in the evening, Paul invited me for a yoga session in the yoga room at 5:00 p.m. Watamu Treehouse mission foster healing, peace and tranquility with a devotion to spread positivity and good health hence yoga perfectly aligns with its mission. The spacious yoga room has a 360 degree panorama view of the Mida Creek.

A recycled flip flop art hanged in the yoga room. Amazing right? It was created by Paul’s daughter, Aja. Watamu Treehouse family are also conservationists as they have conservation activities like of the flip flop art, beach cleaning routines every Thursdays and more.


Stretching during yoga is not as easy as it looks. Yoga is intense almost like mini planks and meditation. I felt as light as a feather.



Not only does Watamu Treehouse offer yoga as part of their recreational activities, but also offer massage therapy, snorkeling trips, eco-walks and nature expeditions on stand-up paddle-boards or kayaks depending on the tide. I had so much fun going for Stand Up Paddling and  floating in the mangrove forest. Floating activity involves floating at the Mida Creek in between mangroves on a low tide as the water current in the mangroves flows you effortlessly into the sea. It was totally relaxing.

Also, I got the opportunity to learn how to use a stand up paddle which makes Watamu Treehouse forever stuck in my memory.

The Pool

The stunning swimming pool at Watamu Treehouse has a cute artificial waterfall spring, a swinging bed and hammock chair. The yin-yang is centrally curved beautifully to symbolize positive energy and hope. Chilling with a good book & smoothie and swimming by the swimming pool gets you on full relaxation mode.


The Beach

A 3minute walk to the beach through the narrow sandy beach path leads you to the clean white pristine beach and clear crystal blue water that make such stunning waves. Very safe to walk on as it is secure away from Beach Boys. The flag to Treehouse guides you for direction from the beach. Blue symbolizes the sky, green the mangroves n white the sand.

Life Lesson: Ensure that everything you do or create in life has essence and meaning to it.


Enjoy Watamu Treehouse! Detoxify and Recharge! Cheers!

Until next time Peaches!




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