Do You Know About Rock and Sea Eco-friendly Bubble Resort? Yes, This Is Kenya!

Rock and Sea Bubble Resort is an eco-friendly hidden gem in Watamu. You have to cross Mida Creek by boat to get there as it is not easily accessible by road. Also, because it is one year old since it started operations therefore not so many people are aware of this gem. However, we have social media for that and that was how I knew about it on Instagram. The Italian manager, Stefano, was so kind to accept my request for my Sunday morning booking as he offered to send me a boat to be picked from Short Beach. Short Beach is located just next to Kobe Resort before Garoda in Watamu. I was picked by boat at 11:00 a.m. on a sunny Sunday from Short Beach with two other guests, enjoying stunning crystal blue water views.


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Approximately, the boat ride to the resort was 5 minutes from Short Beach. First thing I spotted was the striking Makuti Rock and Sea restaurant built on a high rock, hence the name. On arrival, Stefano was standing at the entrance looking sharp welcoming us with a warm friendly smile. We were offered hot wet hand towels each and served with a glass of passion juice as a courteous welcome drink.



Stefano ushered us into the exquisite  Rock and Sea restaurant with a 360 degrees panoramic view of the mida creek. Their menu is diverse offering Kenyan, Asian, Italian, Vegeterian, Vegan and Kids meals menu. The choice is yours! In addition, a sea excursions menu is offered.

Sitting at the perfect restaurant spot where I got a perfect sea view, I ordered a stoney (weirdly enough that’s my favorite soft drink) from their main menu and grilled lobster which was served with chips. The ambience is soothing with a background sound of slow music which made me feel sleepy after being stuffed by the delish meal. It put me on total relax mode.

After feeling so relaxed, I was ready for  a tour on the resort; “Save the best for the last.” Stefano took me round the resort showing me their bed bath tub made of wood derived from the African culture faced by a humongous Baobab tree. Hence called Baobab.

Rock and Sea Bubble Resort is an eco-friendly lodge that sustains natural environment by using products made from natural materials and sustainable focused initiatives to conserve nature.

For relaxation,  they offer hammocks, chilling spots,  massage therapy in their massage room with comfortable massage beds facing the sea. How revitalizing! They also have a pool table and fishing rods for when guests want to go for fishing games. Also, they have a grill for barbecues and a beautiful  swimming pool with a jacuzzi next to a fully equipped beach bar for those who like to get a little wasted. Down the beach bar is the beach connecting to the mida creek.

NB: Outside guests can have lunch at the resort, massages, sea excursions, and take a dip in their swimming pool & jacuzzi at a cost.

Then finally! The stunning Rock and Sea outdoor inflatable single tunnel bubble resort! Breathtaking!


What makes the resort unique and attractive is its bold creativity of revamping bubble tents into a resort. In addition to its sophisticated design, white makes it elegant and stand out in a heavenly manner. There are 3 bubble resorts each secluded perfectly located in an enclosed hideout covered by nature due to its transparency, for guests’ privacy.


Since it is white, Stefano kindly asked me to remove my shoes before going in as he also did. We left our shoes at the entrance as he ushered me into the tunnel bubble resort by opening the entrance curve door zipper without any hassle.


I was enamored by the interior design of the bubble resort. Well furnished with uniform subtle brown natural wood furniture. A small quirky table with two chairs perfect for 2 people to have morning tea and meals and a double bed with a night stand. You have your own toilet too and a bathroom sink and a cool outdoor shower. Actually, it can give you a realm of possibilities in designing the interior if you have an eye for interior design. I like how simple yet sophisticated the bubble resort is set up. Stefano reckons that the interior decor was created to suit the resort’s natural theme since they practice sustainable tourism.

If you’re wondering how spacious it is inside, the bubble resort does not discriminate tall people. Also, it can accommodate a small family of three. Amazingly, the Rock and Sea Bubble Resort’s transparency gives you the luxury of enjoying views of lush green nature since it is transparent.  “It’s like living in the inside out!” Exclaimed Stefano. I concur!


Initially, I have to admit that I was skeptical about ventilation because it was quite hot inside. However, there’s cross ventilation which offers optimal airflow and heat is distributed evenly because of its advanced system of air ventilation. The inside tarpaulin is made of high quality non toxic flame retardant PVC material which is weatherproof withstanding harsh sunlight on a hot day and the bubble resort feels structurally sturdy enough to withstand strong winds on a cold day.  Also, it literally keeps insects and bugs out especially at night when they’re on hunt mode.

Perfect for nature lovers to reconnect with nature and lovebirds to enjoy their personal space star gazing during romantic night time.

Incase you’re wondering, last time I checked, they charge Kshs. 26,000 per night for a double (2 people) bed and breakfast. Save up and treat yourself and your family/ lover/ friends to this beautiful bubble resort for your next vacation. Totally worth it Peaches!

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    • I can imagine 😅 I was once there so I know what you mean. We need to explore our Kenya before exploring other countries. Pleasure is all mine hun 💕

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