The 4th Malindi Masaala Koroga Competition – Food Fiesta!

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The 4th episode of Malindi Masaala Koroga Competition took place on Saturday, 2nd of March 2019 at Driftwood Beach Club in Malindi. The event is a food festival filled with vibrant food colors, savory spices scents, and magical tastes, held after every 3 months in Kilifi County teamed up by Kilifi Tourism Investors.


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Mr. Edward Aniere (Eddie) and his wife Selma Mawani Aniere are the owners of Barefoot Beach Camp who coordinate Malindi Masaala. Their main objective is to revive toursim in Malindi targeting to make Kilifi County as an ideal tourism destination, by bringing both Local and International Tourists and Investors together in the Kenyan Coast to celebrate food. The winner then takes the next episode of Malindi Masaala to their venue. Keep reading to know who won the competition for this episode!

Judges of the Malindi Masaala Koroga Competition 4th Episode

Eight teams participated including my favorite team; Tamu Fusion Restaurant from Watamu. Including Barefoot Beach Camp, Driftwood Beach Club, 7 to 7 Supermarket, Dental Art Center, Ocean Beach Resort & Spa, Surahi Restaurant and Malindi Sea Fishing Club. Of course, I attended to give my full support to my team. Just like Chef Diego and Tamu Restaurant as a whole, it was also my first time to attend and I have to commend Barefoot Beach Camp Coordinators Eddie & Selma for a great turn out!



Malindi Masaala Koroga competition commenced at 9:00 a.m. at the Driftwood’s pool venue. All chefs set their tables with their Company banners and flyers near the bar facing the swimming pool and the sea, fully prepared with their kitchen equipments; spices, vegetables, meat, cutlery and jikos ready to koroga! They each made two different curries as instructed; vegetable and non-vegetable curry.


It was an exciting moment for the chefs. I’ve never seen cooking look so fun!  So much vibrant food colors, a mixture of different spices scents took over the air and music to turn it up. You could get famished by just walking into the food arena. Most importantly, chefs put extra effort in presentation, hygiene and ensuring that the food was served hot from the jiko.

Barefoot Beach Camp prepared delicious fish with octopus and coconut patagonia curry.


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Dental Art Centre  prepared vegetable and spicy chicken curry.


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Driftwood Beach Club prepared spicy beef  karoga and mushrooms & garden peas masala curry.


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Malindi Sea Fishing Club prepared Prawn Curry, Sweet Potato, Lentil and Spinach Curry.


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Ocean Beach Resort & Spa also prepared a special vegetable and spicy chicken curry.


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7 to 7 Supermarket prepared an Indian delicacy Dhahi Dhum Murg made with boneless chicken and kele ki sabzi (ripe banana). The ripe banana was delish. Their presentation was spectacular, followed by their foiled fish that was finger-licking!


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Surahi Restaurant prepared Chicken Palak and Paneer Tikka Masaala.


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Tamu Fusion Restaurant prepared Veg Thai curry noodles and pumpkin & mango cream with coconut milk and prawns dipped in red curry. Foodgasmic!


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Judges moved to each table to taste each of the contestant’s food before they set their food at the buffet table for guests to get the privilege of tasting their     mouthwatering curries passionately prepared by the chefs at a cost of kshs. 500/- per person.


Surprisingly, the queue was impressively long. It was a food fiesta that people got to enjoy with drinks, music and socializing!


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Media press was also present for the event and so many different people came to support their teams. Eddie concurred that it was indeed the biggest Malindi Masaala Koroga Competition!

Guess who the winner of the competition was? *drum rolls* Barefoot Beach Camp!


2nd position was won by Surahi Restaurant.


3rd position was won by Ocean Beach Resort & Spa.


A certificate of participation was awarded to each participant as a token of appreciation.

The winner of the competition, Eddie of Barefoot Beach Camp, nominated Ocean Beach Resort & Spa as the next venue of the 5th Malindi Masaala episode (the date is yet to be confirmed).

I am surely looking forward to attend the next episode of Malindi Masaala. Do not miss out! If you have a business in the Kenyan Coast you’d like to promote, Malindi Masaala is the event for you!

Ps: Malindi is not dead people! It is very much alive and kicking! Let’s rock it! Cheers!


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