Kilifi Entrepreneurship & Innovation Youth Summit and Churchill Live Show Malindi

Entrepreneurship and Innovation Youth Summit was a 3-day event (29th – 31st March 2019) held at Pwani University in Kilifi hosted by  Kenya Conference Solutions for the purposes of unveiling the Big4 Agenda and Blue Economy Opportunities for the Youth in Kilifi County. The free Entrepreneurship and Innovation Youth Summit provides a platform for youth to share their knowledge, skills and ideas, and an opportunity to directly engage with Innovators, Leaders, Entertainers, Social Champions, Entrepreneurs and Delegates to empower Kilifi youth, and nurture their knowledge and skills through mentorship that can help build Kilifi County.


“One of the best decisions we made this year was attending the free Entrepreneurship and Innovation Youth Summit fueled our identity as youth to take part in the efforts of changing our country and the world to a sustainable place for everyone.” Kilifi Youth – Kenya Conference Solutions.

“It is inevitable to talk about achieving the Big4 Agenda without including youth. We are no longer the future leaders, we are the NOW leaders. Delighted to be joining in this very important Youth Summit.” CKK Charles Kamau – Public Engagement & Communications Enthusiast. – Kenya Conference Solutions.

The official opening of the Kilifi Entrepreneurship and Innovation Youth Summit was entertaining; A fashion show by Designers Vera of Vee Fashionhouse and Charity of Stella Customised Fashion Kenya and performances by Dj Kryotic & Proff Kenya. The performance was lit – no, literally! There was a sensational fire hooping dance alongside his performance. A more surprising one by Mwanase Ahmed, Co-owner & Managing Director, Distant Relatives Ecolodge & Backpackers; Mwanase Hoops.



Agendas discussed of the Big4 Agendas to brainstorm on issues that are currently hindering youth’s growth in business and innovations for long-term solutions. Esteemed panelists discussed Manufacturing, Affordable Housing, Universal Healthcare and Food Security.

“The only way that Kilifi Youth can actively participate in the global economy is through investment in our vibrant, talented youth. Investing in the youth is investing in the future and the industries of tomorrow. That is the only way to reach our Big4 Agenda and keep them going for generations to come.” Hon. Martha Koki – Nominated Member of the County Assembly of Kilifi.

“Don’t be where you are needed, be where you are loved.” Mzee Jalango Mwenyewe.



Youth Participants

Kilifi Youth participants set their tents and tables to promote their businesses by showcasing their products and services.



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Photography: Gaze Photography

Also, Kilifi Youth participants had an innovation competition and the social champions will be announced during the award ceremony #TeamKCS hashtag on twitter.



Photography: Gaze Photography & Kenya Conference Solutions 

Churchill Live Show Malindi


Churchill Live Show was the highlight of the day closing the night in Malindi, Kilifi County with uproarious laughter! Malindians surprised Mwalimu Churchill with a massive turn out. Daniel Churchill Ndambuki is a Kenyan Comedian who hosts the comedy TV show Churchill Show on NTV Kenya on Sundays and Thursdays.

Katoi Watabaka – Percussionist of Mijikenda Jazz Band based in Malindi – was given the golden opportunity by Mwalimu Churchill to open the stage entertaining the audience with his percussion musical performance for one hour, alongside Mambo Tribe Music movement from Malindi as well. The stadium was packed like sardines!

I don’t do well in crowded places but the quality laughter from different comedians made it worth the stay. The transposed humor from all comedians’ performances brought waves of laughter at the show.



Comedian Prof. Hamo shot his shot that night picking his flower Nadia Maria from the Churchill Show audience garden. I’d say he’s got good taste!


Talented Malindians; comedians, giriama dancers, music artists and spoken word artists performed as well communicating to the world that Malindi got talent too.

Special Guest Officials: Mombasa Governor Hon. Hassan Ali Joho, Kilifi Governor Hon. Amason Jeffah Kingi, Malindi MP Hon. Aisha Jumwa Katana, courteously welcomed Churchill Show and gave a speech addressing the cheerful crowd as they danced to ¤Tetema¤ on stage.


Malindi umetushangaza mno, town ni ndogo lakini watu ni wengi mno. Thank you Malindi. We had so much fun. This was one awesome show with a great audience. Kilifi tutarudi, we will be back soon,” Mwalimu Churchill.

St. Anthony’s Malindi Choir closed the Churchill Show by gracing the stage with some gospel.


Do you still think Malindi is dead? Think again Peaches.


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Photography:  Rogim Photography & Mwalimu Churchill


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