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Robinson Crusoe Island is an exquisite seafood excursion island strategically located in Malindi Salt, approximately 1 hour road trip North of Malindi Town. (Land-marked by a police station and mosque).

Ensure that you carry your National ID cards/ Passports for a security pass on your way to the Island. Robinson Crusoe Island holds a special place in my heart because it’s home to me. My grandfather, Hassan Bien and his lovely wife Mariam John have worked hard together to serve us the best sea food in town through their magical signature menu for over 30years. I might sound bias, but you have to come and taste it yourself to believe my words. I promise you won’t be disappointed. Moreover, Watamu Seafaris got you covered!

Peaches, just imagine this; a deserted serene island far away from the town buzz, surrounded by nature; tall palm trees, mangroves, driftwood furniture,  makuti restaurant with a natural sand carpet floor, 5 course sea food meal, tropical fruits & traditional bush tea. Now imagine eating all that and relaxing on a beautiful golden private beach sunbathing as you get lulled by gentle beach waves. Pure bliss! Experience the tranquility at Robinson Crusoe Island.

Moreover, mangrove conservation is highly practiced among other environmental conservation initiatives that Hassan Bien partakes in. As a sustainable lifestyle blogger, that’s one of my many inspirations about Robinson Crusoe Island.


It was Easter Holiday when my dearest grandfather, Hassan Bien, took me to Robinson Crusoe Island in so long. We left early in the morning road tripping to the exquisite island.


On our way in, scenic views of salt heaps and stunning flamingos glamorizing the salt land welcomed us. It’s a little bit of a bumpy ride so you’ll have to buckle up for this one. As you should.

Usually, Safari, the boat rider picks us up with the boat for a punt ride through the lush green mangroves. However, we arrived early in the morning when the tide was low, so we walked the short distance to the restaurant.


Pic by the TheIslandGuru

Everything is made from natural materials. Makuti rooftop, unique driftwood furniture, sand carpet and many more.

In addition, there’s a lounge area inside and outside the restaurant to relax once you’re stuffed. Guests are warmly ushered into the restaurant to their reserved tables with friendly smiles from their hospitable staff who are like family.



Robinson Crusoe Island Restaurant is decorated with bougainvillea flowers giving you a whole island vibe like you’re in the Bahamas. Customer service is really valued as all their staff share a family union and treat guests like family too. Courtesy of Hassan Bien.

Hassan Bien


A water kettle and bowl is offered to guests as a courteous gesture to wash their hands before and after every meal. It is a 5 course aphrodisiac seafood meal; a starter consisting of fresh baked oysters in coconut. Fresh boiled crabs catch of the day. Then king spiced prawns with fresh salad. Grilled fresh fish of the season i.e. red snapper, or grouper, king fish, sweet lips, white snapper e.t.c. Including rice in coconut delicious sauce.   Tropical fruits and Bien’s special bush tea served as dessert. All at kshs. 3,000/- only per person (drinks not included). You can order drinking sodas and water.

If you have never tasted oysters, Robinson Crusoe Island Restaurant has the tastiest oysters you’ll ever have. The oysters and coconut baked fusion gives a sensational taste. A must try!


Delicious fresh boiled crabs are served second with a wooden board plate and wooden sticks to break its shell. It’s a great fun experience to try it with your friends and families.


King spiced prawns follow. Peel and feel the deli taste.


Well-seasoned grilled fish is then served with rice and coconut curry island dish. Sa-vo-ry!!! 😋

Pic by TheIslandGuru


Lastly, tropical fruits and traditional tea served as dessert.


Pic by TheIslandGuru

After a heartfelt meal, calls a relaxation session.


The beautiful beach stands to be one of the main attractions of Robinson Crusoe Island with golden sand and clear sea water.


Private and serene! Wear your beach sandals, hats and sun cream to protect yourself from the scorching sun, essential  for sunbathing.


Perfect getaway with your friends and family for a bonding session. Everything is served fresh hence you have to book a day in advance (24 hours).

Especially for a honeymoon and Eid getaway!

Book book book!!! 

To book, contact Hassan Bien +254 722 559 095 and Mariam John +254 729 326730.
Also, Watamu Seafaris for a sea excursion tour  package including lunch at Robinson Crusoe Island  +254724215418,

Of many questions asked:
1. Do they have rooms? Can you sleep there? No, it’s an excursion island offering seafood lunch but you can request to camp if you bring your camping tents.

2. Do they have charging spots? No, you’ll have to ensure that your phones are fully charged therefore I’d advice you to carry extra electronic gadgets. Portable power banks are most ideal.

3. Is the Kshs. 3,000/- seafood package inclusive of transport? No, but you can contact Watamu Seafaris  for transport & sea excursion tours. Call +254724215418. Email:

PS: Robinson Crusoe Island and Robinson Island are two different island restaurants  albeit existing in one location.

With Love,
Robinson Crusoe Island.
Welcome Peaches!

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    • Thank you so much and for sending me some of your pics. You’re a life saver 🤗 let me know when you’re comingback again. Karibu always.

  1. So powerful and you’ve captured everything well especially the oysters I really loved them💖❤️💕

  2. Incredible sea food and the decor is breathtaking,old irregular shaped mangrove logs on the entrance & the seats makes the whole place a spectacular heaven .planning my next visit.

    • Thank you for your lovely comment. You are welcome and I assure you that you will have amazing seafood 😍👌🏽🦐🦀🐠🏝💃🏽

  3. This is an excellent write up. I will be looking forward to come for the seafood feast at Robinson Crusoe Island. What a gem Kilifi County has!

  4. I am happy to attest that this place is truly magical and it’s what friends and family we’ve travelled to Kenya with rave about years after visiting. Thank you Byba for shedding some light on this gem, not just of Malindi, but honestly Kenya. Our family loves Robinson Crusoe Island and the amazing people who have worked so hard to create this paradise experience. If you want to impress your family, friends, or guests, take them here and watch their faces light up. Trust me! 🙂

    • Byba Girl Congratulations this is such a beautiful Piece… i have so many beautiful memories of the Island. My father turns Nothing to Magic. So proud to be part of this beautiful Island. MashaAllah!!! KARIBUNI NYOTEEEEE.❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  5. It’s so amazing &I would like to visit a place ……thanks. Thanks my dear friend Zhuri for making me aware of this😘😘

  6. Aaawww memories😍😍😍😍i just wish to come back there like we used to😩😩😩😩its been a whie! I just miss that place sooooo much especially the food😩😩😩😩😩😩😩i love it❤️❤️ In shaa Allah will plan to visit with hubby soon

  7. Nice work on showcasing while experiencing… The town owes you a great big deal for out here you are making some good noise … this is an awesome piece… keep on Habiba … ! I admire your work ..

    • Thank you so much Paul for your lovely comment pleasure is all mine. I hope to empower Malindians and uplift Malindi’s tourism. We all can collaboratively. Let’s join hands! 👐🏽

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