Malindi Tourist Market Tour

4F52198F-9348-42F2-B975-D969104799E7Malindi Tourist Market is an Afro-Craft outdoor market located along Osteria Restaurant Road In Malindi. I toured the Tourist market a day ago, during my Instagram take over on Bloggersineastafrica Instagram account whereby I showcased bits and parts of Malindi Town to a totally new audience. It was an interesting experience. I appreciate the Admin of Bloggersineastafrica Instagram account for giving me the lovely chance.


Malindi Tourist Market has got everything you’d probably need without any hustle. Furthermore, this is where you get to see the authentic village of Malindi, which is rich in creativity and art. It’s a small tourist market with quite a number of stalls and each vendor has similar items; A massive collection of stunning wall paintings, Art canvases, African curios, animal wood carvings, African printed clothes, shoes, accessories, ornaments and house decor, of which they make from scratch. You can also get beads of all sorts.



The prices vary. You can get souvenirs from as low as kshs. 100 (accessories). Maasai beaded sandals for around kshs. 600-1,200/- and beach clothes around the same prices.

Nevertheless, the most expensive ones are the wall paintings / Art canvass and diy house decors made by the Artisans, depending on their sizes. Small art pieces can range from. Kshs. 4,000/- – 15,000/- 


It was interesting to watch Artists and Artisans at Malindi Tourist Market make their art and craft from scratch.


Coincedentally, I spotted an art painting of a familiar face. Is this the part I’m supposed to say, ‘small  world?’


Outrageously gorgeous art pieces which blew me away! So much talent! 

FD30B4E2-EE24-46D9-A974-F9211E882A760D354312-5170-4F23-8FF5-31117F5038D8F89994E3-B29B-4FF1-A10F-97769C4022428946A247-B382-4784-BFEE-CB3E8AD55FFBOne of the Artists whose art attracted my attention was Feroz – maybe because his art stall is the first on the entrance of the Tourist market. His art is so stunning and colorful which pops the place. I had such an interesting conversation with him.

D9055C7B-B5A7-49EA-8474-0AE1A90FCE48C0D52C86-25DF-4F05-A76C-B512717FDD74A144542E-2DA1-4081-A2CF-969204932C66Feroz and many other Artists and Artisans in Malindi mostly make their fine artworks using  watercolor, paint, pen and ink to make stunning illustrations and pottery from recycled and up-cycled glass like wine bottles, plastics and other beach trash and gems like shells,  animal bones, and flip flops to make curios etc. Including accessories made from upcycling old newspapers, animal bones, baobab seeds, bottle tops and aluminum. Which introduces you to my Community Based Organization – CBO –   TRASHION KENYA A fusion of trash and fashion. A community project that I started not long ago teaching conservation and upcycling beach trash to add value to the original trash product and make fashionable items through DIY projects. The goal is to spread environmental conservation awareness.


Hence why I admire Artists & Artisans and value the Tourist market. They are a very important part of the community because through their sustainable art and fashion; up-cycling & re-cycling, they are utilizing a huge part of beach trash that affects our Blue Economy; marine life, human health, tourism, pollution, poverty, and the list goes on. 

Let’s support our local Artists & Artisans not only at Tourist markets, but also at any similar stall you come across. Buy local products to empower local talents like Feroz who serve a great initiative and have a huge impact to our environment through his craft. 


In a nutshell, if you want to buy stunning afro-souvenirs and mementos, or just want to explore art, Malindi Tourist Market is ideal for you. Because they have everything you’d need from any of the scores of stalls  without any hustle of going around town tirelessly searching. However, be vigilant while shopping, because I cannot guarantee of the safety of the Tourist Market.



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