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Hey Peaches,

Got all your December holidays calendar planned? I’ll give you a little help with a holiday getaway plan. As for me, the holiday season has officially kicked off with beach therapy from Jacaranda Beach Resort in Watamu, thanks to my online treasure hunting for hidden Coastal gems.


They actually got me at OFFER! Who doesn’t like offers? Their offer which extends until 20th December 2019 – Kshs. 5,900/- Full Board per person per night sharing  – got my attention and the fact that it’s a Beach Resort, it was worth a shot! Affordable, private, beautiful and serene; My 2-nights stay at Jacaranda Beach Resort felt like home away from home.

I flew in at 10:30 a.m. with Jambojet Airlines from Nairobi JKIA to the nearest Airport, Malindi International Airport. I was picked by Jacaranda Beach Resort’s driver from the Airport as we drove for about 40 minutes to Jacaranda Beach Resort, cutting through Kizingo junction  which is approximately 10 minutes from Watamu Town. Needless to say, the ride was smooth up until that point.


Henceforward, we persevered a bumpy ride on the white rough road all the way to Jacaranda Beach Resort.


A line of several Makuti Villas,  Country Flags and Jacaranda Beach Resort Sign marked our arrival. I was ushered in with utmost hospitality by their pleasant staff.


I checked in, tagged with a Jacaranda Resort yellow bracelet, served orange juice, and my luggage was carried to my room.


Jacaranda Beach Resort’s General Manager, Daniele Tirito, was so kind.

03A8FBF9-11B5-49AD-A4BA-14CDEE00CEAF.jpeg He briefly welcomed me and Sifa, who is their Digital Manager & Photographer, assisted me throughout, from the beginning of my stay. On my way to my room, was a stunning garden park which has 5 sculptures of the Kenyan big 5 game animals.252EDCAA-0D1A-4B12-8490-FC9F7834EE2B

The main swimming pool ahead, between the main restaurant, boutique and amphitheater, offered beautiful breathtaking shades of blue, kissing the sea skyline.




I loved the walk to my room, with a transparent view of the sea, guarded by tall coconut trees. My room was one of my best experiences at Jacaranda Beach Resort because of the beach views that I enjoyed effortlessly, especially during morning sunrise and sunsets. Making easy steps to the beach. Not to mention, it was perfectly air conditioned, tidy, with a touch of romance.




Be ready for a total holiday getaway  because the WiFi signal is weak. Perfect opportunity to stay away from your phone for beach therapy!



Jacaranda Beach Resort is a beach front resort overlooking the sea. I chilled mostly at their beach bar with my tropical juice while sun basking at the beach. Jacaranda Beach offers blue crystal clear  sea water and white sand. One of the most beautiful beaches in Watamu.


I like that it’s private and serene. Guests relaxed on the sunny beach under makuti hut shades and kids playing at the beach, building sand castles and playing beach games with toys that are provided by their Staff  Animators.

Breathtaking sunrise and sunsets views!


Alas! Rough roads lead to beautiful destinations.


Eating with a sea view.


My meals at Jacaranda Beach Resort were enjoyable with a stunning view of the sea,  a buffet of healthy delicious meals all served hot. I could totally live here!



My favorite meal was red snapper pasta from the chef’s cookery as he warmed the food on the spot serving me a hot plate of mouthwatering pasta.


Soft drinks and cold drinks served from (plastic free) dispensers.


Serving us drinks with ecofriendly paper straws.


Different cake flavors, puddings, fresh juices and tropical fruits as dessert, completed my island girl meal package.




Eggs cooked and served hot on the spot.

BC93D30E-320F-4879-9D28-D8F21361D4F5.jpeg Tea on hot kettles and cold drink served cold, made me a morning person for the weekend, delighted by morning restaurant views of the sea.




By the beach bar, I treated myself to a candle lit romantic dinner; A hearty full course aphrodisiac seafood meal; Prawns cocktail starter, Seafood pasta, and a seafood platter of crab, prawns, fish and salad dressing with tropical juice. Perfect for a Bae-cation Peaches! Cheers! 🥂




Jacaranda Beach Resort Staff Animators keep guests entertained with hotel games and activities including beach aperitif everyday at midday.


Karen Blixen Spa’s masseuse at Jacaranda Beach Resort relaxed my muscles with a classic relaxing massage. The ambience of the massage room with lit candles was absolutely therapeutic.


After a good classic relaxing massage , lunch and beach relaxation, I couldn’t miss the cooking competition that was happening at 5:00 p.m. (every Friday) at the KUKU Restaurant. The competitors made Swahili dessert called Vishete (a mix of groundnuts and melted sugar) and Kaimatis. I joined in too. It was such a fun experience.


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Maasai Market which happens every Friday, gave us a touch of Maasai culture expressed through their Maasai artworks, accessories and Maasai dance, entertained our night.



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Aqua Gym; A 30 minutes intense water aerobics session in the swimming pool, energized us while cooling us off under the hot sun.


Yoga session after lunch at the Gazebo was revitalizing.


Off all activities, I enjoyed Beach Volleyball the most in their indoor  volleyball court carpeted with beach sand.


It was a fun game session interacting with other guests as we played in teams.  We won at first with 5 goals. On 2nd round though, we lost by 2 goals! It was fun altogether!


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Last day was a total relaxing day.

Jacaranda Beach Resort is involved in community projects, beach cleanups and  Beneficiaries of Jacaranda School. The school was built in 2010 to bring education closer to the community around Jacaranda.


The Resort also helps keep the environment in check by conducting several beach clean up activities and providing dustbins around the community where the residents can dispose off their wastes responsibly.

That’s how I found out about their thrift store where guests can donate clothing, shoes or anything they don’t use, buy or sell. The money goes to community projects.

I bought this neon sweater for Kshs. 400/- and donated my beach sandals to the thrift store.


This act of kindness at the Resort won my heart.



It was a sad goodbye checking out at Jacaranda Beach Resort. I had such a unique experience. I felt like I had made a home with their staff who took good care of me with fun games and entertainment, relaxing activities, amazing room service & sea views and hearty delicious meals. I definitely plan to go back.

If you are looking for a private, serene and recreational getaway with your family, friends and spouse, Jacaranda Beach Resort is for you. Get their offer right now to get this experience! Kshs. 5,900 per person per night sharing – Full Board!

PS: Book the beach front room for beautiful sunrise views before it’s taken. Thank me later!

Facebook: Jacaranda Beach Resort | Instagram: Jacaranda Beach Resort | Website: Jacarandabeachresort


Cheers Peaches! 🍹




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