Sunday Brunch With Mom At Lucca Restaurant In Villa Rosa Kempinski

Hey Peaches,


It’s the festive season. Nairobi is among the cities that offer a holiday destination for many people to visit during these festive seasons. Schools are closed now, families, friends and couples are on a holiday retreat. What a better way to have a luxurious getaway within the city of Nairobi on a traffic-free Sunday at Lucca Restaurant in Villa Rosa Kempinski which happens every Sunday from 12:30 p.m. to 4:30 p.m.


It was a chilly Sunday morning last Sunday when my Mom and I dreaded the kitchen, craving to treat ourselves to brunch out and Lucca Restaurant of Kempinski seemed to offer the perfect delectable solution for that. Also, because deep down I needed some special bonding time with my Mom. “Treat your Moms Peaches.”

The timing is also perfect in my opinion. Brunch starts from 12:30 p.m. to 4:30 p.m. at Lucca Restaurant. Which was perfect for us to get ready while taking our sweet time. Admittedly, my Sundays are extremely on the lazy side.

We wore warm clothes for the cold weather. I wore my brown sweater knitted nude dress, white cat eye sunnies, earrings and clear heels. My mom wore leather jacket, long sleeved Xmas red and black checked shirt with jeans paired with black  leather boots.


Located on the left side near the grand entrance of Nairobi Villa Rosa Kempinski, we arrived at Lucca Restaurant. We didn’t miss it as there were silver buffet dishes and grills together with Chefs  outside the Italian restaurant. I could tell it was an Italian restaurant with the trattoria setting. We met the GM of Kempinski, Roberto Simone, who kindly ushered us inside the restaurant helping us pick a table of four, finely set with an outside transparent glass view. We opted to sit inside simply because it was drizzling outside.

The ambience is jovial with a live band. The Christmas tree located at the entrance of the restaurant right now for the festive season lit up our moods.


The brunch buffet has a variety spread of tantalizing multicultural food: Middle Eastern, Italian, and English Specialties. Food was served hot from the buffet dishes. What’s unique about it is the buffet sets are displayed at different stations of the restaurant together with live cooking stations.


Outside the live cooking station was a chicken tikka grill on the right and chicken shawarma roast grill on the left, both handled by different Chefs.


The chicken tikka grill was so enticing not to serve as the Chef chopped the boneless chicken tikka in small pieces for us to serve. Opening the buffet dishes was a tantalizing aroma of Middle Eastern Cusine with spiced rice topped with brown onions. Next to it was beef stew and vegetables. I served myself a plate of spiced rice and chicken tikka and beef stew sauce. So did mom.


My mom and I went back inside to our table after serving, as we devoured the delicious meal while enjoying the music and having good conversations.


The background music from the live band cheered us up with shuffled  old school soul music and trendy millennial songs sang by the lady bird with such a melodious voice.


She hit the right notes of Whitney Houston, Mariah Carey and Madonna, including Enrique Iglesias Mexican tunes and many other Music Artists as I watched my mom lip syncing to the songs as she cheerfully let herself free, jamming to the songs. It was a beautiful sight seeing her reminiscing her younger days filled with youthful joy on her face. Mothers are truly the key to our happiness because it could clearly reflect on me.


As we went for more servings inside Lucca Restaurant, we were astounded by all the food displayed, oozing color, epitomizing a luxurious setting and aroma, while sizzling sounds of live cooking from the Chefs energized the ambience of the restaurant.


At the entrance food display is an assortment of cheese and meat. A station of cereals, sauces and array of vegetables and alluring desserts served in small glasses.

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I was fascinated by the live preparation of Japanese Sushi by a Kenyan Chef which was quite interesting to see. Sushi ingredients were attractively presented on display.


The Chinese Station was mesmerizing with a stand of fine display of spices, well sliced & chopped vegetables, meat, and chicken with different spices in different plates ready to cook.


Next to the Chinese station was a display of freshly baked pizza station, buffet of Kenyan Cusuinie and fresh seafood station.

The balcony extension of Lucca Restaurant was so stunning having the road view of cars speeding along the Chiromo road. They had a kids snack station, with a popcorn maker, candy and creamy cupcakes.


Afterwards when the weather got better, my Mom and I moved to the outside tables of the restaurant as we shared a pocket of chicken shawarma served by the Chef together with snacks, while enjoying the sun and luxurious breeze of Kempinski.



We saw cars of Presidents coming in as the General manager and his Staff ushered them inside. What a State Hotel!

Lucca Restaurant is really an exquisite hang out place for a chilled Sunday afternoon with an epitome of luxury. My Mom and I had a quality  bonding session with delicious food, delightfully rich smoothies and desserts.

Enjoy your Sunday brunches at Kempinski’s Lucca Restaurant for the holidays.

Have a wonderful Sunday Peaches!

Cheers 🥂




Dress: Primark

Shoes: FashionKenya

Earrings: H&M

Sunnies: Starsjaillaire


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