Kenyan Eco-friendly Brands Christmas Shopping – Bizbaz Christmas Craft Festival 2019

Bizarre Bazaar Christmas Craft Festival 9th – 10th November 2019 at Karura Forest had a great turnout. Over 80 Kenyan Craftpreneurs filled the space at BizBaz annual event both days Saturday and Sunday.


“Our most popular annual events are Bizarre Bazaar summer and Christmas Craft Festivals. Through these craft fairs we express our commitment to supporting the creativity, innovation and talent of the numerous craftsmen and women who form the informal sector or ‘jua kali.’” – Yasmin, Director of Bizbaz Events.


Bizbaz brings together different local creators selling a variety of sustainable, ethical, high quality handcrafted products. Majority of the vendors/brands support a cause by promoting the local community mostly being, fighting poverty in Kenya, women and youth empowerment, climate action, poverty. Etc. Giving you that Kenyan pride with every product purchased. Food vendors served healthy, sustainable and organic food and drinks. Pop of color with kitenge and Maasai crafts, beaded sandals, handbags and jewelry. Music, food, snacks and kid games made the place busy and active.


Kenyan Influencers attended Bizbaz event as well including myself and Nelly who’s also a sustainable lifestyle blogger owning GreenthingKenya brand, and Kenyan Styled whom I met for the first time at Bizbaz. It was exciting to finally meet her in person; Kenyan Styled promote Kenyan brands on their Instagram page by showcasing their designs and crafts. The beautiful Alisha Popat and charming Sauti Sol were among Kenyan Music Artists I met at the Bizbaz event.


So, let’s get shopping for Christmas with you in some of the sustainable/eco-friendly Kenyan brands that I got to shop in at the Bizbaz Chirstmas Craft Festival.

  1. Greenthing Kenya is a sustainable Kenyan Brand owned by Kenyan Lifestyle Vlogger, Nelly.  Selling eco-friendly products to replace plastic products like bamboo toothbrushes, reusable metal straws, cutlery wraps and facial wipes, dishwashing sponges and napkins. Including organic shampoo bar (Mafura butter) e.t.c.

2. Waya – recycled galvanized wire shaped as vermicular cars, bicycles, airplanes, and animals. Coated with a durable powder finish which involves spraying a pigment onto the wire and baking it into the oven for half an hour up to 20 degrees Celsius.

3. Seedling Nyumbani. This was one of the most interesting brands at Bizbaz. They are an Italian Family from Kilifi, designing and producing stunning ecofriendly baobab lamps made of baobab pods, baobab powder, baobab jam and baobab paper from recycled newspaper and baobab fibre; the icon tree from Africa. Their innovation was mainly driven by sustainability and love for nature. Working on a zero-waste policy whereby the baobab products are compostable.

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4. Indigopeopledesign (1mpartnersinplasticrecycling) – work with Tetrapcak CSR program at the Coast of Kenya to make amazing sustainable products from recycled PET Plastic bottles. They make building boards from recycled tetrapack. Most of their designs involve upcycling, recycling, reusing shipping pallets, driftwood, plastic and sustainable wood. All with the aim of conserving the environment and being an agent for climate action.

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5. Shadeshares – a social enterprise partnered with world vision sell environmentally friendly sunglasses made from recyclable materials. For every Shadeshares bought, 20% of the sales goes to education and employing youths from the slums as well as planting trees. In addition, they’re polarized with UV protection, high quality sunglasses, which are also good for your eyesight.


6. Kobeafrika – Stylish sunglasses made of bamboo frame, supporting climate cause by planting trees from each stunners they sell.


7. Sewitseamske – make up-cycled jackets, with kitenge fabric, kikoi, Shuka, African fabrics. A lot about Kenya pride, supporting Kenyan women who sell Maasai jewelry. Designing into a fusion of all sorts of dream catchers. Including a mix of dope Indian mandalas.

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8. Abstract_Kenyan (Acacia’s Art). Buy jewelry from local communities and turn them into spectacular form of art. Each section of the piece represents something, a different element of life. Her art is just out of this world!

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9. Conkrete Roses up-cycle denim jackets and apparel using fabric paint, macramé’ and African print fabric custom designs. Inspired from wearable art in Western countries. Other products are creatively designed Poaches, canvases, T-shirts, Paints and digital artwork.

10. Wildlife works – a Kenyan brand that supports Kenyan Wildlife with every product they sell. They make handmade accessories, clothes, handbags, shoes and jewelry. Also, they make handmade organic soap with eco-friendly packaging.

11. Olkerii Farm – Source fresh fruits & vegetables making organic honey, jams & preservers, chutneys, sundried fruits, pickles, white chia, facial oil, tabletop wood products & handmade jewelry. They had a food testing stand for all their products and my favorite was beetroot pickles, pineapple chutney and strawberry jam of which I bought and enjoyed every taste of it.


Also, I have to mention that the Marula oil is amazing on my skin and I use it as my daily facial oil. Totally worth it!


12. Kikish Kikapus and Kitu Kali Kenya. They make handmade handbags, shoes, clothes and utensils and other utilities made from Kenyan kitenge fabrics.


13. Heavenly scents and soapery make natural handmade products. I bought their Shea & Moringa barsoap and jojoba basket soap which have been good to my face.

14. Shahi Creations Ltd have eco-friendly products, mostly handbags. I bought this Lifestyle Bag which screams going green and I love how durable and eco-friendly it is. I carry it whenever I come to the Coast. Good for beach picnics.


15. Kipepeo – Sharing a beautiful story of Ali Lamu recycling old sailors’ clothes and sail boats ropes into cool vintage handbags adorned with beautiful art designs. supporting local communities in Kenya. All the bags are made from Tanga, old sailors’ clothes. Traveling for years at the Indian Ocean.


16. Keventers sell amazing Oreo Mint shake that got me sold! They have a variety of shakes served in eco-friendly reusable glass bottles and paper straws.


17. Wild Earth Botanics. Sell organic products like detoxing bath salts, baobab powder and essential oils with eco-friendly packaging.

18. Chapa Chuma Designs sell recycled metal shaped into beautiful designs like butterflies, fish e.t.c. Amazing!

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19. Imani Collection is also a brand that supports local communities by crafting canvas bags and macrame to make beautiful mats, wall hangings. e.t.c.

20. T&Co. selling organic tea. That’s the tea for today Peaches!


So many Kenyan Sustainable Brands. However, the above managed to make it to my blog which I would recommend you to buy from or for gifting because of their uniqueness and community impact. You can find more sustainable Kenyan brands at BizBaz event page on Instagram.

Wishing all my Christian friends happy sustainable online shopping this festive season and a merry Christmas!




  1. Hi read your blog…. very interesting but not a mention of Azu’s Leather who empowers and trains over 40 youths to handcraft beaded products. Beaded products is one of the ancient Kenyan art. Azu’s Leather was one of the 100 winners of the Invest2ImpactAfrica 2019

    • Hi, thank you for your comment. Sorry I could not include all brands at Bizbaz because of the amazing turnout, but I will share this important piece of information. Very inspiring!

  2. Hi! I love this article. I am a blogger (you can check my webpage) and environment enthusiast. Your website is outstanding.

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