Stagepark Treetop Thrilling Adventures – Malindi, Kenya.

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During my December holiday in Malindi just recently, Ella and I ventured on a new adrenaline thrill at Stagepark; A hidden nature park 4 Km from Malindi town offering quintessential activities such as ziplining, archery, bicycle riding and a walk on treetop bridges adventure.


Spontaneously, we drove off to Stagepark , 4 KM from Malindi’s Alaskan Ground towards Kakuyuni. A few meters past Ganda Primary School, Stagepark sign guided us into a narrow murram road towards the adventure  park.


There was a spacious parking lot, a corner of it was occupied by a number of bicycles used for activities.



Entering Stagepark’s narrow entrance led us into their stunning restaurant with a breathtaking panoramic view.


Lino, Italian Manager of Stagepark welcomed us with a great smile, pleasured to give us a tour. Not to mention, the prices are budget-friendly.


We walked further down the hill covered with lush green grass and tall magnificent trees. We were so astonished by the nature treetop bridges; A series of  8 suspension tree bridges of different shapes and sizes and 2 ziplines supported by tightly screwed ropes. Extra zip lines above the tree bridges placed for support. It looked like an episode of Fear Factor. 

Furthermore, the initiative behind Stagepark’s treetop bridge adventure had me sold.  Not only are they set as tourist activities, but also to encourage and promote the growth of trees, enhancing views of nature with raised viewing platforms at every activity stop. From up there, we could enjoy an even higher perspective of Stagepark hill and Plateau.

On display, were flashy red protective gears.


Stagepark’s staff animators helped us tighten the buckles of our helmets, belt wrappers, metal hooks for support and gloves for a safe grip.


The gloves were thick. However, I would suggest that you carry your own gloves for hygiene purposes. 

Lino took the lead showing us the treetop bridge steps choreography. He made it look so easy as he literally ran on the first treetop bridge. We climbed the ladder up standing on the platform of one tree ready to walk towards the other tree on a series of elevated suspension tree bridges.


We had to tie a buckle on a horizontally raised zip line while walking on the tree bridges. That felt assuring. But we did break a sweat. 


Ella went first with a speed lower than Lino’s. She was struggling to get the steps like a little kid learning how to walk. I was laughing at her only for her to get the last laugh! I wasn’t as confident as I would have imagined myself to be in my head. For real though, I was freaking out trying to get the steps right, fully focused lest I lose my balance.


I was adamant to complete the tree bridge walk. After sweat, energy and prep talks, I victoriously completed the first tree bridge. 

That was to warm us up, ready to venture Stagepark swiftly above the ground. The second one wasn’t so hard. The last three tree bridges  however, humbled us. They were wobbly!



Imagine trying to balance yourself on a swing… 100 feet above the ground! The trick was to focus, get the steps right, slowly and firmly to gain balance.


Trying so hard to catch my breath, I asked, “This feels like a punishment Lino, persche? Why?’ To which he responded with laughter, because that’s the whole fun in it. We ventured further walking on more treetop bridges.


We completed the  treetop bridge adventure by ziplining on two zip-lines which eased our muscles. Loved the adrenaline rush!


On landing, Stagepark’s staff Animators helped us unbuckle our safety gear as they hanged them back on display.

At that moment, the ground felt like heaven!

Famished, thirsty and exhausted. We dragged our feet to the next activity – Archery – after taking a water break on their tree swings hanged on a tree.


Archery was so much fun.


Lino guided  and assisted us with bows and arrows. Ella and I were both determined to target the bull’s eye but to no avail.


Close though!

We then walked back to play a game called Petang, also known as Bosch.


I had watched people play it before. It was however my first time to play it. The trick was to aim the silver balls closer to a tiny yellow ball.



Ella and I failed terribly but in our defense, we were exhausted.

Afterwards, we chilled at the restaurant appreciating amazing nature views and breeze mixed with background music.


We snacked on fries and grilled beef before leaving.


All in all, it was a fun unique adventure at Stagepark. I would definitely go back. Top recommendation for unique thrilling experiences as it’s also budget friendly. Most importantly, this will give you an inspiration to plant more trees and conserve nature.


Thanks to Lino and staff Animators of Stagepark for giving me a hand in taking pictures and videos.

Check Stagepark out on Instagram and Facebook. You won’t regret it.

Cheers Peaches.

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