10 Indoor Activities To Do During The Coronavirus Quarantine

Hey Peaches,

Welcome back to my blog. How are you all holding up? I hope you are taking the right precautions right now that will keep you safe from Corona Virus (Covid19).


Incase you feel any of the symptoms below, call Covid19 hotlines in Kenya0800721316 (toll free), 0729471414, 0732353535.


I understand that it has been a tough time with all the devastating news globally. Corona virus has been a nightmare that we can’t wait to wake up from. Meanwhile, we need to find ways of distracting ourselves from panic attacks as we protect our mental health while in self quarantine – to contain the virus. *Please stay in the green zone*


I’d like to share a few suggestions of interesting indoor activities to do during the Coronavirus quarantine.


1. Play boardgames / online games


Board games are a fun distraction. Get back to the old snake & ladder, cards, scrabble, ludo, chess, jenga, e.t.c. If you don’t own any, you can download them on your phone App Store and play with virtual players.

We have been having fun playing Jenga.


For online PS gamers, it’s your time to show off your introverted skills now. As for people who don’t own PS, download online game apps like candycrash to get you distracted. Recently, a friend introduced me to coin master because she needed extra coins for her game but then it got addictive. You can also download mind boggling word games like word collect and scrabble.

Or join fun apps like TikTok; You can follow me (bybapeacheson TikTok. Hop  onto online challenges like Flip Switch and other fun challenges on Instagram and Twitter.

PS: Always sanitize!


2. Enjoy some jams


Listen to your favorite songs. Dance like nobody’s watching and have some fun karaoke sessions with your family. Just please don’t listen to sad breakup songs sing your heart out if you need healing.

3. Research and get creative

This is the time to get creative and discover your skills / potentialize on them. Shift your energy and attention towards something you are passionate about. Mine is creative writing and creating content (video editing). What’s yours?

More-so, while working/studying from home, get researching. Be innovative and if you are a business owner, get to research about innovative ways of pushing your business forward to get easy access to your Clients.

Consecutively, you can support an SME by sharing their social media handles to your  followers. Purchase their products via online transactions.  Services too, like signing up for an online yoga/makeup/cooking class.

4. Netflix and chill

This is my everyday go-to chill session. Netflix has a variety of series and movies that can keep you distracted and entertained. I would advice you to avoid watching any thriller movies/series/documentaries that relate to the Corona Virus pandemic right now (unless you are built for it).

I recently watched Bird box for the first time and realized that it was a huge mistake! I got all panicky thinking of what-ifs as paranoia kicked in. Don’t do this to yourself.

I’d recommend some comedy and captivating series & movies.

Marlon is hilarious! A friend also recommended Grace and Frankie. I’m yet to watch it. Friends and The Big Bang Theory are among the best comedy series of all time!

I’d also suggest binge watching some captivating series. Have you watched YOU? A must watch if you haven’t. It’ll get you glued to your TV as you try to figure out how the mind of a psychotic lover works; how far can one go for love though? Is Love overrated? Speaking of love, tune into Love is blind tooI mean, Love can’t get blinder than that!

Among Netflix series recommended by my online friends and followers are: Greenleaf, ElDragon, Kingdom, Queen Sono, Dare me, Elite, Locked Up, Money Heist and Peaky Blinders.

Currently, I have been binge watching Riverdale on Netflix and all that’s on my mind right now is, who killed Jason?


This is the perfect chance to request you to please read my Blog Posts and subscribe to my blog site, thank you.

Anywho, I’d suggest online novels by your favorite Authors (Danielle Steele is my favorite among others). Or any book you have been postponing to read.

This is also the perfect time to catch up on your syllabus in school, uni and project deadlines.

Please avoid reading fake WhatsApp forwards or any other online fake news that can cause severe panic. However, stay informed. I would suggest updating yourselves through Ministry of Health, WHO and News from credible TV channels/websites.

6. Cook

Get some healthy food recipes from online cookbooks to cook hearty meals for your family. Online Food Bloggers and Vloggers also have amazing recipes for you.

7. Learn a foreign language

I am sure you have a list of languages that you desire to learn. You could pick one and start now. I would recommend Duolingo app. I’ve been having fun learning Italian and Dutch languages on it.

8. Learn DIYs 

There are a million DIYs online you can learn. YouTube is your friend. I like to learn Trashion DIYs online for home decor, clothes – re-purposing – and any zero waste related DIYs. (Check out single-use plastic upcycling  DIYs). Reuse, Reduce and Recycle ♻️ in your homes.

9. Learn new activities/Take up a new hobby

This is the time you can take to explore your talents and learn new things that you wouldn’t on a normal day. It could be any of the mentioned above. DIYs, cooking, blogging, vlogging, makeup, yoga, coding, graphic design. It could be anything.

10. Read the Holy Qur’an.

When nothing seems to work; when you have tried everything and your anxiety still kicks in, read the Qur’an/your holy book and meditate in prayers. It’s the perfect time to be steadfast in your prayers right now.

Thanks for taking your time to read my blog post. You can read more blog posts on my Blog site.  Wishing everyone good health, sending you good thoughts, love and light.

Stay safe Peaches ❤️


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