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BOGUK sustainable clothing brand has made a fierce fashion statement with cool masks in a bid to help reduce the spread of Coronavirus in our communities. They’re getting sold out pretty fast, grab yours now!

BOGUK Collaboration


As an Environmentalist (Trashion Kenya) and Sustainable Lifestyle Blogger, I recommend BOGUK reusable masks because they serve as a stylish sustainable solution for conserving our environment. Especially after alarming reports of disposable medical masks being carelessly littered in our oceans and streets posing as health risks for the environment, humans and animals; It beats its purpose.

BOGUK is a sustainable clothing brand based in Kenya, supporting local tailors and artisans in Kibera. Founded by Anna Framhein, a Medical Doctor from Germany and Bevern Oguk , a Kenyan artist and designer. Together, they form an amazing BOGUK Tribe.


Boguk mask a.k.a. BogMask is a non – medical, tailored mask fashioned from 3 ply (3 layers) cotton masks with non woven polypropylene interfacing as a filter, similar to that of a medical mask but with a reusable and fashionable feature. This brilliant idea was created by Anna and Bevern combining both medical and fashion creativity.


The Boguk masks come in an array of cool prints and colors. Simple, bold and classy.


The brass nose bar adds comfort, style and class to the BogMask, holding the mask in place when conversing, for a perfect everyday wear during these tough times.

Instuctions for use:

Wash your hands with soap before putting on the BogMask. Do not remove the mask in public spaces or touch the inside of your mask. Firmly adjust it closely around your nose and make sure it is closed on the sides too. Clean it after use with hot water and soap and let it dry completely before reusing it again.

BogMask Safety Wear

“Our brand is pegged around the future, and always looking for what ifs. On these designs we asked; ‘What happens after corona?’ We designed a mask that would not only be precautionary during these tough times, but stylish and chic to serve you even after the pandemic. The BogMask!” BOGUK Official

Medically, masks and N95 respirators are recommended by Doctors to prevent spread of Covid 19. However, due to high demand both locally and globally, they are crucial supplies for healthcare workers and other medical first responders. Therefore, BOGUK have innovated a creative supply of reusable fashionable masks with a touch of medical feature for affordability in the long term with a sustainable supply.

“The BogMask does NOT entirely protect you from getting infected like a FFP2 or FFP3 mask, but it reduces the risk of inhaling aerosols slightly. The BogMask stops aerosols from your mouth and nose flying around. As the virus travels on these aerosols, you are preventing the spread by wearing the BogMask. It is crucial the mask closes on all sides. Wearing the BogMask does not liberate you from keeping a 2m distance to other people and regularly washing your hands. This also applies to medical masks. Only the combination of these actions is your safeguard. The BogMask also acts as a barrier helping you keep your hands off your face (nose & mouth). If you feel very ill or are diagnosed Covid 19 positive, please stay home and quarantine yourself for at least 2 weeks.” Anna Framhein, BOGUK.

Make your orders now! Check out BOGUK for updates. Bogmask details below.


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Wash your hands | Sanitize | Wear your Bogmask.

Stay safe Peaches!

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