Kibra Food Drive Initiative

Amid the global Coronavirus (Covid-19) pandemic, a lot of people have not only lost their lives globally, but also lost fortunes causing economic distress. In addition, Directives from our Kenyan Government subjecting citizens to curfews and lockdown to curb the spread of the virus has threatened many livelihoods of Kenyans, especially those living in slum areas, such as Kibra being the largest urban slum in Africa. Majority of the working population in Kibra slum is dominated by informal workers who have lost their jobs because of coronavirus pandemic.

In spirit of Ramadhan during coronavirus pandemic, a group of Youth Community Organizations in Nairobi, including  Trashion Kenya and Sports Legal have collaborated to support the Kibra Food Drive Inititiative achieve their goal of sustaining families in all villages in Kibra that are facing penury.


If you would like to give zakat/donations to the needy families during covid-19 pandemic and don’t know how, this is the best opportunity for you as we mark day 9/30 of Ramadhan.

Kibra Food Drive


A group of philanthropic youth in Nairobi have united to strive towards alleviation of hunger in Kibra Slum through Kibra Food Drive Initiative led by Ashah Jaffar. They have proven to be a very vital part of the community, supporting 1,000/- families facing penury in Kibra. Covering all villages in Kibra that is Makina, Kambi Muru, Sarangombe, Ayany, Lindi, Aluru, Toi etc. achieved through need assessment.


“We have raised 1.9 Million Kenya Shillings through online donations, successful partnerships from Organizations and community support, which has helped us support 1,000 families in Kibra. Our target is around 10 Million Kenya Shillings to feed more than 10,000 families in Kibra.” Ashah Jaffar.


How To Help

Kibra Food Drive Initiative is a continuous food drive that aims at enabling the growth and suitability of the kibra people during economic uncertainties through need assessments.

You can help sending your donations  as directed below:

1. You can send your donations to the Kibra Food Drive M-changa paybill 891300: Account: Kibra. 


2. You can send your donations to Asha’s PayPal: 

3. Contact Ashah Jaffar +254 725 826268 to send your food packages donations such as flour, rice, salt, sugar, cooking oil, etc.

4. You can also contact Ashah Jaffar +254 725 826268 to donate masks, gloves and sanitization materials that will help protect them from covid-19.



Trashion Kenya is a non-profit zero-waste organization that promotes sustainable development by providing environmentally friendly solutions in our communities.

Sports Legal is a non-profit organization whose vision is to create a just, vibrant, healthy, resilient and cohesive society through the engagement and use of sports and law, and grow into an organization that supports the sporting and physical activity experiences of the people of its nation, and promoting the contribution of the power of sport to the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

Together with other organizations in our community, we have united with Kibra Food Drive to form sustainable partnerships with the aim of raising awareness of the food drive through online awareness, fundraising and volunteering so as to support the continuity of their project.

Volunteers are welcome to help in food distribution for the Kibra Food Drive.

Social Media Handles 

You can also like and share Kibra Food Drive on Facebook to spread awareness.


KIBRA FOOD DRIVE |By the community, for the community.

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