World Environment Day Celebration

How are you doing Peaches?

I hope you are all taking care of your mental and environmental health.

On the 5th of June, yesterday, was World Environment Day. It is refreshing to see people all over the world acknowledging this day. The official announcement of the ban of single-use plastics in our National parks by The Ministry of Tourism & Wildlife in Kenya highlighted my day.

”His Excellency The President announced the ban of single-use plastics in our protected areas; The National Parks, Marine Parks, Reserves, Conservancies as well as Forests.’’ – CS Najib Balala.


For so many years, plastics have been polluting our oceans, land and destroying our wildlife and marine life.

Did you know that more than 8 million tons of plastic are dumped in our oceans every year?

Notwithstanding plastic is a cheap and valuable resource in many ways, its non-biodegradable qualities make plastic an unsustainable waste hence posing a hazardous threat to the environment; Plastic takes years to decompose. The process of producing plastic also consumes too much energy and water. For example, the process of producing plastic bottled water requires 6 times as much water per bottle as there is in the container –


In my own little way, I have been using my social media platforms to raise awareness on sustainable and zero-waste living, plastic pollution, recycling and promoting sustainable and Eco-friendly brands. My overall goal is to inspire people to conserve the environment in a way that can promote behavioral change, through Trashion Kenya.

Here are some inspirational initiatives that some of my dearest followers and friends online are taking to conserve the environment.

“I have a hand shoulder kikapu that I pick plastic bottles into whenever I take a stride by the beach, and I use it as planters for fast growing herbs like mint, rosemary and basil.’’ – Hatim Ali

“I buy my power from a company only providing clean, green energy and I use my bicycle instead of car.’’ Anna (Bella.alta)

“I still use the glass bottled soda/beverages and that’s for my guests; I rarely buy soda. I stopped buying plastic packaged drinks’’ Karen Wamaitha

“In our home we recycle all our trash. We use paper bag instead of plastic bags.’’ Tana Chemeli

“There is tons of waste tires around the globe, these are either burned or dumped in landfills. Burning tire emits loads of sulfide gasses in the air that is a dangerous air pollutant, the ones dumped on landfills leaches into the soil. Either way, disposing of tires is seen as the near future’s worst environmental pollutant. My idea aims at the reusing of the tires as sole in fashionable wear.’’ Effue Opiyo

“I don’t throw litter. I would rather walk with a bottle in my pocket than throwing it anywhere.’’ Twaha Farouk

I am proud of you all for making green lifestyle choices. We all need to take initiatives because it is our personal responsibility to take care of our environment. Change starts with you.

Peaches, what are you doing to conserve the environment?

Please let me know in the comments below.

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