Holiday Glam Cruelty Free Makeup Tutorial |Collab with Makeupbymanal and Amarah Fashion

Hey Peaches,

Welcome back to my blog. How is your December holiday going?

Despite the pandemic, the holiday season this December is still filled with parties, fun events and lots of weddings! It’s the best time to be glamorous. Here is a bit of dramatic look by Makeupbymanal using Amarah Fashion Makeup which makes up 80% of the cruelty free products in this look.

Manal Thabit a.k.a. Makeupbymanal is a Makeup Artist and Beauty Influencer in Nairobi, Kenya, originally from Mombasa. I genuinely love her unique and sultry makeup looks that screams class and glamour. It was fun collaborating with her on this dramatic hot girl summer makeup glam that I am in awe of how gorgeous it turned out!

The main aim of this makeup look is to show you that you can use products that are cruelty free and still achieve a glamorous holiday look. Also, we are here to inspire you to look fabulous in the middle of a pandemic.

In total, this holiday glam took us 2 hours including photo and videography. To achieve this look, please check out makeupbymanal on Instagram for a mini fun super glam holiday makeup tutorial that we created together to channel that hot girl summer girl look. She really came through with this face beat!

Cruelty Free Products Used

Amarah Fashion | Facebeat – Makupbymanal
Malkia Eyeshadow Palette

This was my favorite! It made the whole look pop. We went for a peach/sunset summery & flirty eye glam which exudes color, glamour, relaxation and fun! The Malkia eyeshadow palette has the right amount of holiday colors.

Eyebrow Pomade ‘Dark Brown’

This is not easy to achieve perfect looking eyebrows if you are not very skilled in using the eyebrow pomade unlike the brow pencil, but Manal perfected my eyebrows with the dual sided brow brush. The advantage of it is that it lasts longer and also, less waste.

Fatma Matte Lippie

This matte lippie dried smoothly on my lips; didn’t leave any cracks. Also, the color blended so well with the look. Manal also added lip gloss on it to give that fresh glossy look.

Other Cruelty Free Products| Makeupbymanal
Canvas Cosmetics Lemon & Lime Mattifying Mist.

This wouldn’t be ideal for you if you have sinusitis like me, because of its strong citrusy scent although it achieves a perfect makeup look – the strong scent only lasts a minute. It also has that summer splash vibe.

Kaydee Lashes ‘Femme Fatale’.

We went all out with the eye lashes to bring out that peacock, dramatic effect. It however felt heavy on my eyes because I am not accustomed to such thick lashes, but it definitely made me feel ready to break a couple of hearts. Also, don’t you just love a cruelty free eyelash brand?

Gold drip shimmering body oil by Nancy Mwai.

This is the perfect summer glow with that shimmers on your skin like how the sand flirts with the sun. Small advice on applying this: apply in small amounts for a natural shimmery tan look.

Why Amarah Fashion?

Amarah Fashion is a beauty brand that provides high quality and certified cruelty free makeup and skin care formulated to suit customers of all skin types especially women of color, at an affordable price. None of the finished products test on animals.

Amina Ali, the CEO of Amarah Fashion, living in the UK, originally form Mombasa, Kenya, was introduced to the makeup world at an early age of 16 years old when she was working part time for Avon makeup brand as a sales representative while studying, which inspired her to launch her own makeup brand, Amarah Fashion. Her brand has been growing exponentially with hard work, creativity and determination with a worldwide reach; clients mostly from the UK, Kenya and all over the world through International Shipping and her consistent beauty influencer marketing on her Instagram page.

You can shop on Amarahfashion’s website on which has two sections for East African Customers and UK & International customers. Products and prices are included on the website.

According to Amina Ali, CEO of Amarah Fashion, Amarah Fashion’s best seller varies with time and seasons. Amarah Fashion’s rose gold facial oil is currently their best seller which suits all skin types. Sold over 200 bottles in November. Lipsticks and eyebrow pomade continues to be a consistent best seller. She added that her business partner Abbas, who is a professional photographer in Kenya, manages her makeup brand in Kenya.

”This year, our main challenge has been covid but Alhamdulillah we don’t complain because we are not the only ones that have been affected. Some of our clients who lack the patience virtue, fail to understand that the shipping isn’t in our hands with our good PR skills, we have managed to create good customer relations which has worked for us.” Amina Ali, CEO Amarah Fashion.

She adds… ”My advice on cruelty free beauty is that we can all start by shopping cruelty free products. We all have a part to play because when buying makeup and skin care products from brands that are not cruelty free, we automatically support that. But if we all buy from cruelty free brands only, it will force brands that test on animals to become cruelty free, thus saving animals from undergoing cruel treatment for cosmetics.”

It’s a wrap Peaches! Keep it glamorous with cruelty free makeup this holiday season.

Happy Holidays!

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