Global Day of Climate Action 19th March 2021 Instagram Takeover

Hi Earthlings,

It’s Global Day of Climate Action!

Join me today, 19th March 2021, at 17:00 EAT on Emre Pakel’s Instagram live take-over as I participate on the Global Day of Climate Action representing Trashion Kenya.

It is a pleasure to be offered this platform by designer Emre Pakel to participate in the climate cause.

Global Day of Climate Action is a joint collaboration between Fridays For Future, Pass the Mic Climate, Generation Green, Black Girl Environmentalist, Climate Control Projects, Latinas for Climate, Climate Live and Bad Activist Collective who have been out to influential figures, brands and organisations to lend their platforms to climate activists on March 19th 2021, involving the activist ‘taking over’ and creating content for the platform in question in order to galvanize climate momentum and raising awareness about the ongoing climate crisis; main goal is to pass the mic to frontline environmentalists, MAPA (most affected people and areas) activists and underrepresented voices in the climate movement.

Emre Pakel Kimdir is a Turkish-based Armenian designer whose main goal is to separate design from dressing impulse, promoting sustainable design with the idea of “Based on Earth.” Pakel Based On Earth Campaign. Pakel Cooperation channels Japanese street style in response to Holywood fashion. He showcases his designs on his Social Media Platforms, Non-profit pop-up stores to explain the concept of upcycling in Turkey and high-end fashion runways such as Marcedes-Benz Fashion Week Istanbul, and has been featured on Forbes and Vogue Magazines among many others.

Here are the questions I will be answering as a climate activist, sustainable lifestyle blogger and Trashion Kenya founder during the Global Day of Climate Action Instagram Live Take-over @EmrePakel

  1. What is the significance of the global day of climate action for you?
  2. What are you doing for sustainability in your country? What’s the connection of Trashion Kenya to this special day?
  3. How do you make a link between sustainability and human rights?
  4. How did your paths cross with Fridays for Future?
  5. What would you like to say about climate crisis?

Let me fill you in on the Global Day of Climate Action!

Fridays for Future is protesting to demand for climate justice with the hashtag #Nomoreemptypromises

This is a call for climate justice for our leaders to be held accountable for injustice and inequity in climate binding targets. We need immediate action from our leaders at a time where climate crisis needs to be treated like an emergency as our carbon budget is at stake.

So what is the climate strike 19th March 2021 #Nomoreemptypromises from Fridays for Future about?

  • End all investments in fossil fuel exploration and extraction. Governments, financial institutions, and companies must immediately end fossil fuel subsidies and immediately and completely divest from fossil fuels. Moratoria on all new fossil fuel projects should be imposed worldwide.
  • Establish annual, binding carbon budgets based on the best available science and the IPCC proposal that gives us a 66% chance of limiting global heating to below 1.5°C. These budgets must take into consideration the common but differentiated responsibility among countries in the Global North and the most affected peoples and areas, and must not be reliant on possible future negative emissions technologies.
  • Design climate policies that consider the welfare of workers and the most vulnerable in society. Policies must incorporate aspects of economic, racial, and gender justice as they work to address the climate emergency. Justice for environmental defenders must especially be considered given the repression they have faced for protecting our planet. No one should be left behind.
  • Protect and safeguard democracy by providing spaces for and repealing laws that limit citizen participation in climate decision-making. Governments should recognize the importance of the involvement of civil society in the resolution of the climate crisis, and should be open to suggestions and criticism from their constituents. Voices of environmental defenders, farmers, fisherfolk, and indigenous communities, must especially be listened to, valued, and prioritized.
  • Commit to making ecocide an international crime at the International Criminal Court. We are now witnessing the disastrous effects of massive over-extraction and subsequent degradation of nature on humanity and the planet. Any and all individuals and institutions complicit in the massive, large scale destruction of our planet must be held accountable for their actions.


To participate for the Climate Action Day 19 March 2021, Fridays For Future Kenya have shared event locations for participants in Kenya. All COVID-19 Protocols apply.

                See you today at 17:00 EAT on Instagram: EmrePakel

cc: @trashionkenya @bybapeaches

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