How to get to Expo 2020 Dubai| Expo 2020 Dubai PCR Test, Tickets and Essentials 

All roads in the UAE right now lead to Expo 2020 Dubai. Depending on the means of transport that you use, Expo 2020 Dubai is easily accessible.

Applications to download: S’hail and Expo 2020 Dubai. A metro card is essential. Expo 2020 Dubai Tickets currently offers 95 AED for the month of October. Normal expo ticket prices are monthly 195 AED, 6 months 495 AED and per day 95 AED. I bought mine from one of the one-stop-shop gas stations where you can easily buy one. Also, online at Expo 2020 website or Expo 2020 site.

Public transport; buses, trams, or trains are the most affordable and eco-friendly transport during Expo 2020 Dubai. Especially if you plan on visiting more frequently like me. Though sometimes I would go by private transport which is less hectic. Despite the heat from the scorching sun, the buses and trains are very well ventilated.

S’hail mobile user-friendly RTA application guided me to plan my journey to the Expo. Where I currently live in Dubai, a bus arrives every 30 minutes. However, the timing wasn’t always accurate and the bus would sometimes arrive late or entirely not be in operation. So I would either have to wait in the heat or go back to my apartment to wait for the next bus. My advice is to always be 1 hour early when opting for public transport. Also ensure you have your metro card that is always recharged that you check in and out of the bus at all times. Past the bus hustle, it was a one way trip to Expo 2020 using the metro. On arrival, it was an easy access to the Expo 2020 Dubai site at DEC.

Expo 2020 Essentials.

Entering Dubai Expo 2020 Site, you need essentials to be granted access. Ensure you have your Expo ticket, PCR Test within 72 hours if not vaccinated and Vaccination Card.

For my PCR Test, I would take a bus a day before my PCR expiry date from Expo 2020 Dubai to the World Parking drive-through which is free for all expo ticket holders. Results take 4-6 hours, valid for 72 hours (3 days). I’d advice that you ensure you take your PCR Test in advance.

Hope that was helpful. See you at Expo 2020 Dubai!

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